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Coming soon in Semen Store Roundhill Philips PP a superb homozygous polled bull. 

Roundhill Philips PP

Roundhill Philips PP – 372214617212005 – LIMIRLM214617212005 – Born 19 November 2019.

Roundhill Philips PP is a superb quality homozygous polled bull.  He was a standout from a few weeks of age; he is a long, exceptionally well- muscled bull with a great top and backend. He is full of breed character with excellent docility and legs & feet, Philips is one of the best bulls we have bred at Roundhill.

Philips is the best of his sire and dam, he has the muscle development and easy fleshing of Karlos and the size, length and width of his dam coming from her great sire stack of Hinz, Tistou and Ferry and the renowned Leny cow family here at Roundhill.  Philips’ dam is the best polled cow at Roundhill and a real breeder.  She is very milky with excellent fertility; she is rearing her 6th calf with a calving interval of 347 days.

This is Roundhill Philips PP pedigree

Tremendous Sire stack of Karlos PP X Hinz PP X Tistou X Ferry X Geant X Dimitri 

From the Leny family at Roundhill who bred the prolific sire Roundhill Saturn. 

This is Roundhill Philips PP evaluation from ICBF in August 2022

The following is the fertility of Philips dam Roundhill JLeny 1476 – She is on her 6th lactation with a calving interval of 347 days, gaining time again on her current pregnancy. 


Karlos, a German bred bull, is a correct & well-balanced bull with tremendous width. He is renowned for producing well-muscled, easily-fleshed progeny with excellent temperament. His progeny, both commercial and pedigree, have won numerous prizes at shows in the UK. He carries two copies of F94L profit gene.

Hinz PP

Hinz PP is the sire of the dam Roundhill J Leny 1476

Tistou is the maternal grandsire.

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