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Castleview and Roundhill Biennial Heifer Sale 2018

Two of the best known and revered herds in the country – Castleview and Roundhill – held their biennial heifer sale on Friday 14th September at Roscrea Mart. Forty nine deep pedigree females went under the hammer with almost all finding new homes. George Candler was auctioneer for the sale and bought his renowned auctioneering style to the podium at what was a lively sale with keen interest from a large audience. Both herds have amassed considerably successes in both the show and sales rings, both have also had a huge influence in the Irish herdbook. Many Noted AI sires were bred at Castleview and Roundhill, including Castleview Gringo, Castleview Casino and Castleview Gazelle along with Roundhill Saturn Et and Roundhill Dara.

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The sale topper Castleview Lacey sold for €5,000. Lacey is an outstanding November 2016 born daughter of Wilodge Tonka (WTA) and the Omer-Mn dam Castleview Cherry.

Castleview Matalie sold for €3,600. Matalie is an April 2017 born daughter of Ampertaine Commander (APM) and Castleview Daffodil, a Ronick Hawk daughter.

Three thousand euro was the selling price for Castleview Lily, a September 2016 born heifer. Lily has Wilodge Tonka, Nenuphar and Na Claudus in her lineage. Born in September 2016

At the same price was Castleview M 877. This 15 month old heifer is a daughter of Cameos (LM2191) and the Wilodge Cerberus dam Castleview Helen.

The Ampertaine Gigolo (S1633) daughter Castleview Linda sold for €2,900. Linda’s dam Castleview Feather has Wilodge Tonka and Ferry in her sire stack. Linda was born in November 2016.

On-dit (ONI) sire Castleview Kassie sold for €2,800. Kassie dam is also Castleview Feather.

Castleview Leah, a September 2016 born heifer sold for €2,700. Leah has Ampertaine Commander (APM), Wilodge Tonka and Malibu in her sire stack.

Four heifers from the Castleview herd attained a selling price of €2,600.

  • The Bavardage (AGB) daughter Castleview Kalvine was the first heifer to sell at €2,600. Kalvine’s dam Castleview Cabriolet has Ronick Hawk and Ideal 23 in her back pedigree. Kalvine is due to calve in March to Cameos.
  • Castleview Kory, a daughter of Fieldson Alfy (S511) and the Neuf daughter Castleview Fiona also sold for €2,600. Kory is in calf to Ampertaine Commander.
  • Castleview Lennon, a September 2016 born Kaprico Eravelle (S2106) daughter with Ronick Hawk and Fieldson Alfy in her back pedigree also sold at €2,600.
  • Yearling heifer Castleview M 886 was the final lot to reach €2,600. M 886 has Wilodge Tonka, Otan and Concert in her pedigree.

Castleview Linus sold for €2,300. Linus is a daughter of Ampertaine Gigolo (S1633) and Castleview Fawn. She was born in December 2016

Also at €2,300 was the Cameos (LM2191) daughter Castleview M 885. Just shy of a year old M 885’s dam Castleview Deacon has Ramses and Ideal 23 in her sire stack.

Selling at €2,200 was Castleview Matura, a daughter of Ampertaine Commander (APM) and Castleview Jill.

At €2,100 was the Dieunordic (S2102) daughter Castleview Lavinia. Her dam Castleview Ebony Et has Fieldson Alfy and Ferry in her back pedigree.

The Loosebeare Fantastic (S1497) daughter Castleview Lynn found a new home at €1,900. Lynn was born in December 2016 to the Neuf daughter Castleview Florence.

Castleview Liberty also sold for €1,900. Liberty has On-Dit (ONI), Fieldson Alfy and Imperial in her lineage.

Castleview Lilly, a two year old heifer with a pedigree that includes Wilodge Vantastic, Broadmeadows Cannon, Geant and Haricot sold for €1,700.

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